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Re: [mosquitto-dev] A decentralize Mosquitto cluster design.

Hi tatsuzo,

I have made a simple test for the cluster, use krylovsk/mqtt-benchmark as a benchmark tool. But with number of brokers increase to 3, the mean throughput get the limitation. I think the reason is that the client cannot offer enough stress to cluster. See appendix for detail.

It is not easy to test a cluster, especially for MQTT service, Tsung and Jmeter support client clustered, but they are not friendly for MQTT..

Anyway, I'll do more tests, and hope someone can also give a test for mosquitto cluster .. thanks!




No. brokers 1 2 3 4 9
n10k c100 17548.83 25509.4 28878.05 28610.25 28947.78
n1k c1k 9928.573 16533.82 24105.12 24034.03 24328.37

Unit: Total Bandwidth (msg/sec), QoS=2, MsgSize=1000bytes.

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Subject: Re: [mosquitto-dev] A decentralize Mosquitto cluster design.
Hi Oegma,
cc Jianhui

> Will it even make sense to try this - get server with 16 CPU's and run 8 brokers on single box....? Normal Mosquitto
> is only using a single CPU at time - with this option you can already use one server with more CPU's to handle the 
> traffic/load ...

I think applying the cluster on multicore environment might be a cool idea.
Because, as you described, normal mosquitto cannot use multicore efficiently.


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