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Re: [mosquitto-dev] A non-centralize Mosquitto cluster design.

Hi Osawa,

I have continuously write and debug the non-centralized cluster, and test it with a light load, about 2000 SUB/PUB pair, fortunately it work as expected, without errors. Attached is the test report. More stress is needed in future testing.

These days I've also thought of some other business MQTT cluster, almost Erlang or Java based, which contains too much nodes/services such as broker, event dispatcher, subscription in-memory cache, persistence database, distributed coordinator, etc., with high latency(400ms~500ms), and depend on the availability of each key service.

In some ways, I think Mosquitto should take it's role as Redis in NoSQLs, ZeroMQ in Message Queues, make the very very low latency as it's most significant advantage..

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Hi Jianhui,

Your e-mail software made the subjects include multi-byte characters.
Therefore, the subjects cannot be read on the archive: .

Could you correct the subjects from the next post?

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