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Re: [mosquitto-dev] Advice needed (long, sorry)

Hi Manuel,

> After this experiment, Roger, we have some suggestions:
> - Is there any way of making OpenSSL lib to use more than a single processor
> even being Mosquitto single threaded? It could be interesting as in our case
> the broker's server was almost unused except for the processor being used by
> Mosquitto (something similar to use "openssl speed -multi 4")

Not really I'm afraid, a proper threaded implementation is needed I'd say.

> - Keepalive mesages are not being sent properly when this number of
> establishes connections is maintained. I suppose this is for the same reason
> that the processor used by Mosquitto is exhausted and cannot process this
> amount of keepalive messages on time).

It might be possible to make some changes that would help here.

> In general, It would be desirable to implement muti-threading in Mosquitto,

You don't say :) It needs more changes first though.



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