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Re: [jetty-users] WAR overlays in Jetty 9.1?

> For our needs, the perfect application server is one with a highly
> performant, lean core, simple configuration, and the ability to easily
> add selected JEE API implementations (CDI, JAX-RS, etc.) as needed.

To this point, our focus for the last year or so has been getting the
internals of Jetty fully async and as performant as possible while
also providing the framework necessary to support modern protocols
like websockets, spdy and eventually http/2 as top tier supported
protocols and not simply bolted on the side.  This is already bearing
much fruit, which as mentioned above will be blogged about soon by
Greg.  Now that all of that effort is largely complete and we are
likely a couple of years away from any sort of new servlet api the
focus can shift back to facilitating third party projects in their
usage of Jetty.


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