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Re: [jetty-users] WAR overlays in Jetty 9.1?

2013/12/4 Jesse McConnell <jesse.mcconnell@xxxxxxxxx>:
> we still love the idea of them though and are looking for the time to
> get them updated and into place, if you are interested in helping get
> that done let us know :)

Not very likely, but maybe I'll break down at some point and give it a
go myself...

I'm currently investigating the move from a full-blown JEE server to
Jetty plus a few add-ons and figured it would be best to use the
latest and greatest right away. Given the current state of
documentation, some breaking changes that affect other libraries (e.g. ) and things like missing
overlays, I'm no longer sure. On the other hand, the release
announcement for 9.1.0 seems to say that 9.0 is a dead end with no
further releases planned.

Should I go with 9.0 anyway for now, risking that I might hit a bug
that never gets fixed on that branch? How significant are the
performance improvements in 9.1? (Performance is pretty crucial for

(This would be a great topic for a Jetty blog post, BTW - I can't be
the only one wondering which release to work with.)



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