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Re: [jetty-users] WAR overlays in Jetty 9.1?

2013/12/5 Jesse McConnell <jesse@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
> which should be in pretty short order, joakim or I will take a look at
> that Weld issue, I was just in that code fairly recently to get 9.0
> supported.

Seems the Weld issue is already being addressed (it's a small change
and one I've already done locally, it seems to work OK with my initial
tests). Except of course for the longer-standing problem of no
injection in would be fantastic if that could be done.

> As for moving from larger jee containers to smaller, more lightweight
> ones like Jetty...that is a trend we have seen for years now that
> appears to be increasing once more.

I suppose the current GlassFish situation will drive this even more.

For our needs, the perfect application server is one with a highly
performant, lean core, simple configuration, and the ability to easily
add selected JEE API implementations (CDI, JAX-RS, etc.) as needed.
Few apps actually need the whole shebang of JEE, so I'd love to see
Jetty progress with this kind of scenario in mind.

Thanks for the helpful reply, much appreciated.



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