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  • [jersey-dev] Jersey 1.x to 2.x upgrade, Viraj Jasani
  • [jersey-dev] Range request implementation, Martynas Jusevičius
  • [jersey-dev] Jersey within Existing Jetty Servlet Filter, Jason Gerlowski
  • [jersey-dev] client lifecycle question, John Calcote
  • [jersey-dev] ssl server experiencing CLOSE_WAIT pileup, John Calcote
  • [jersey-dev] Performance dip from Jersey 1 to Jersey 2, Nagesh Soni
  • [jersey-dev] Jersey standalone server SSL question, Markus Karg
  • [jersey-dev] [2.30.1] ClassCastException: class org.glassfish.json.JsonProviderImpl cannot be cast to class javax.json.spi.JsonProvider, Martynas Jusevičius
  • [jersey-dev] [2.30.1] HostnameVerifier with ApacheConnector - SSLPeerUnverifiedException?, Martynas Jusevičius
  • [jersey-dev] Settting FormDataMultiPart entity stream in ContainerRequestFilter, Martynas Jusevičius
  • [jersey-dev] unable to compile 3.0.2 tag, Han Song
  • [jersey-dev] Jersey servlet failing to intercept the api calls, Aniruddha Tekade
  • [jersey-dev] using jersey with Glassfish, Brian E. Lavender
  • [jersey-dev] how do I get these features when using Glassfish (payara), Brian E. Lavender
  • [jersey-dev] jersey heroku archetype fix, back Button
  • [jersey-dev] pom.xml <parent> error reported by eclipse, Dana whitelow
  • [jersey-dev] Failure to find javax.enterprise:cdi-api:jar:3.0.1 ?, Dana whitelow
  • [jersey-dev] jakarta in jersey 2.X, Dana whitelow
  • [jersey-dev] 2.34-SNAPSHOT, Dana whitelow
  • [jersey-dev] which storage example, Dana whitelow
  • [jersey-dev] Jakarta jax-rs jersey developer challenge, Som Lima
  • [jersey-dev] Jerseys views, Som Lima
  • [jersey-dev] Fixed needed for http://localhost:8080/myapp/application.wadl, Som Lima
  • [jersey-dev] Jetty + grizzly -> heroku, Som Lima
  • [jersey-dev] Suggested enhancements to docs & archetype, Som Lima
  • [jersey-dev] Deprecated class, Som Lima
  • [jersey-dev] Heroku archetype web.xml still broken, Som Lima
  • [jersey-dev] Documentation example errors., Som Lima
  • [jersey-dev] Proxies for same scope?, Martynas Jusevičius
  • [jersey-dev] JAXRS TCK test failures with JDK 11 and Glassfish 6.1, Gurunandan Rao
  • [jersey-dev] Register Extension as Factory to provide per Request instances, Jürgen Albert

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