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[jersey-dev] Jersey standalone server SSL question

Dear Jersey Community,


I need your urgent help. :-)


I am starting a standalone Jersey/Grizzly server using SSL with this code:


var sslConfig = new SSLEngineConfigurator(SSLContext.getDefaults());

var httpServer = GrizzlyHttpServerFactory.createHttpServer(baseUri, resourceConfig, true, sslConfig);


I deliberately do not have any SSL configuration here in the Java code, but all I do is using system properties provided when launching the JRE:\...\id.pfx


BTW, this exact same system properties are used by a Payara 5 instance I am running on the same dev machine and it works pretty well, so they are assumed to be as correct as the used server certificate itself.


The server boots successfully, but when accessing it (e. g. using cURL or the JRE's new HttpClient class), the server logs this message:


GRIZZLY0013: Exception during FilterChain execution Unexpected handshake message: client_hello


The same message is shown on the client side.


What could be the possible cause, and how to fix it?


Thanks a lot!

-Markus Karg


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