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Re: [ide-dev] -7.5% absolute, -14% relative user loss this year

On 04/18/2017 08:27 PM, Gunnar Wagenknecht wrote:
Thanks for those links!
I recall I asked/suggested this a while back but I haven't been able to allocate time for working on this. However, I would love a common dialog as well.

That's somehow the same pattern as the one we've been following for Smart Import or Generic Editor: Platform providing the common UI and operations, and plugins adding extensions to those -without any UI nor new operation. It's IMO a good one, but in our distributed ecosystem, it requires each specific language support to adopt the new extensions, which is not immediate. Moreover, as many projects do care about backward compatibility, such new extension points must avoid requiring new APIs as much as possible, or this makes adoption even more delayed or difficult.
But it's definitely a path to follow! could be a path in the direction of uniform symbol search (from Project Explorer), relying on the CNF framework and APIs (which do not require projects to adopt anything new).

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