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Re: [ide-dev] -7.5% absolute, -14% relative user loss this year

On 04/13/2017 04:59 PM, Lars Vogel wrote:
- All trees are searchable by default if you simple start typing -> awesome feature I would love to have this in Eclipse but have no idea how to implement this
I believe something like this is already implemented natively in GTK and is active on all SWT trees. However, this Ctrl+F is not acting as a filter, but as a jump to. It also doesn't search recursively in the tree AFAIK.
There is ongoing work on this topic for CNF trees:

- Shift + Shift for open resources is so much easier to us compared to our shortcut
You mean Ctrl+Shift+R ?
- Alt+Enter is also easier to reach compared with Ctrl+1
That's arguable. Ctrl+1 can be performed with a single hand, Alt+Enter is not
Overall, I don't think the key mapping have that much impact. And several Eclipse users moving to IJ have already claimed they prefer the Eclipse mapping.

- Debugger is much better then ours it adds the value of the variable into the editor after the code. Also our default Eclipse debug perspective is IMHO not very usable.
There are bugs open about that:
* : this one is technically challenging and probably requires a lot of efforts, that said, it doesn't seem impossible. I think it's currently failing at hitting the top of someone's todo-list . This seems like a good FEEP candidate.
* : there is some discussion, ideas but this is stuck by our (ie Platform UI contributors) usual difficulties of turning an opinionated discussion into actionable items.
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