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Re: [ide-dev] Beware MSFT bullshit

On 22 Mar 2017, at 18:16, Mickael Istria wrote:

> I guess TM4E together with the generic editor would be the way to go, if we could support users directly adding Textmate grammars, instead of installing "heavyweight" plug-ins.

Do users actually add textmate grammars into other editors/IDEs? I don't think so.

I think you are missing the point.

Why are we even discussing TextMate ? Because it popularised the format for sharing syntax highlight of files.

Its now outgrown textmate itself and used in multiple locations from desktop, to phones to web apps.

Why? Because its super easy to modify, share and install.

Does most users add textmate grammars into other editors/IDEs that support textmate ? No - because most that support this just have super tiny little zip or folder with a bunch of languages with not much extra overhead.

Where its super great are contributions and fixes - zero need to learn to build, compile, apis etc. you just adjust the existing templates
and see the changes (often live or by simply reload of file).

By having textmate support in eclipse this enables eclipse to participate here and lower the barrier of entry from both users (no need to download additional plugins for basic syntax highlight functionallity) and contributors can start small as opposed to steep learnning curve.

There are just 2 kinds of things: what's out of the box, and what requires an installation -whichever steps it involves. Having to add a textmate grammar in the IDE isn't going to be simpler than installing the right plugin from marketplace automatically proposed by the IDE.

No, and what is the problem with that ? Right now most don't even have to install anything. Its in eclipse you have to install other plugins to get this.

So far, TM4E wasn't meant to include TM grammars. But we could imagine having it shipping a library of grammars for the most common types. Please open tickets (using GitHub issues) against TM4E to discuss that.

Just add all you can get through CQ IMO. no need to hold back.

If I knew where TM4E was I could open that bug.



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