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Re: [ide-dev] Beware MSFT bullshit

On 21 Mar 2017, at 15:52, Doug Schaefer wrote:

This article is over a year old and predates the Java language server, no?


We shouldn't really give more fire to this more than respond that eclipse actually now has work going on having similar basic support for languages out of box (I still hope the textmate support becomes into EPP packages sooner rather than later ;)


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Thanks Bruno,
I'll also post another comment I made on the blog. I hope some of you find it useful to get pieces of answers for people (like us ;) ) who like to troll about IDEs.

[blog author comment as an answer to Bruno] > A key driver for VS Code adoption is its a light weight tool

du -sh /usr/share/code/ -> 160MB
du -sh ~/.vscode -> 61MB   (this includes the Java extension).
So overall, Java development without a debugger in VSCode takes 220MB of disk space.

Took Eclipse for Java development and unpacked it:
du -sh eclipse/ -> 195MB
And for that price, there is a debugger.

Now, let's talk about RAM usage:
Scenario: open a simple Maven project in VSCode and Eclipse, open the same .java file, trigger completion on the same location
ps aux | grep eclipse -> shows %MEM=9.8
ps aux | grep code -> shows multiple processes (which is expected by design of VSCode) with the sum of %MEM=9 So VSCode is a bit better their, but a 9% of relative gain isn't that strong.

The arguments of disk space go in favor of Eclipse, the arguments of RAM consumption go in favor of VSCode; overall it's not really what can be factually used to highlight one tool is better than the other for teaching.
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