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Re: [ide-dev] Beware MSFT bullshit

Thanks Bruno,
I'll also post another comment I made on the blog. I hope some of you find it useful to get pieces of answers for people (like us ;) ) who like to troll about IDEs.

[blog author comment as an answer to Bruno] > A key driver for VS Code adoption is its a light weight tool

du -sh /usr/share/code/ -> 160MB
du -sh ~/.vscode -> 61MB   (this includes the Java extension).
So overall, Java development without a debugger in VSCode takes 220MB of disk space.

Took Eclipse for Java development and unpacked it:
du -sh eclipse/ -> 195MB
And for that price, there is a debugger.

Now, let's talk about RAM usage:
Scenario: open a simple Maven project in VSCode and Eclipse, open the same .java file, trigger completion on the same location
ps aux | grep eclipse -> shows %MEM=9.8
ps aux | grep code -> shows multiple processes (which is expected by design of VSCode) with the sum of %MEM=9
So VSCode is a bit better their, but a 9% of relative gain isn't that strong.

The arguments of disk space go in favor of Eclipse, the arguments of RAM consumption go in favor of VSCode; overall it's not really what can be factually used to highlight one tool is better than the other for teaching.
Mickael Istria
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