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Re: [ide-dev] TM4E (not) in EPP

On 03/21/2017 08:16 PM, Max Rydahl Andersen wrote:

expecting users to be okey to let it require multiple man months/years for a plugin to become available for a language.

Anyone who wants to start working on a language with syntax highlighting with TM4E can already achieve this in a few hours.
If the textmate and base LPS is not in platform or in EPP it will just result in conflicts of which LPS runtime to install and years of additional months of bad install experience
They are available for anyone to build upon and can be shipped with language extensions (aCute do ship TM4E and LSP4E) and be installed transitively as end-users request some language support.
About choosing the LSP runtime, then it's a matter of packaging. The language plugin provider can decide how to ship the runtime: it can be included in a bundle, expected to be pre-installed on workstation (particularly handy if one uses a package manager such as dnf or rpm), fetched lazily from the IDE when necessary or whatever is best for their language.
The install experience of TM4E and LSP4E is not going to be different from a language to the other, and isn't more complicated to install than any other transitive dependency.
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