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Re: [ide-dev] Language Server Protocol

Hi Bruno,

please feel free to open issues on the github repo, for anything you want to discuss.

Is there an easy way to integrate ls-api into a OSGi project? Specifically, a way to create ls-api as an OSGi bundle? I'm not familiar with Gradle, so I don't know if this is something that is already supported in the build system.

The jar deployed to sonatype snapshot contains a valid OSGI manfest, so you just need to put it into your target platform.
Second, ls-api is written in XTend. What does this mean if we want to attach (Java) sources to the ls-api bundle, so that it's easier to debug an ls-api client (step into ls-api code, etc). Does XTend compile to Java source code or Java byte code? If it is the former, how readable is that code?

The Xtend code is more readable :), which is why I changed the build to install that as the primary source in the classfile (both is possible).


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