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Re: [ide-dev] Language Server Protocol

On 06/10/2016 10:08 PM, Sven Efftinge (sven@xxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
A Java implementation of the protocol, that is VS Code independent can be found here:
It defines all the structures in Java interfaces and beans and takes care of the (de)serialization to/from json.
It is currently used by Che, Xtext, and the a JavaC based java language server.
Thanks Sven.
I'm trying to use this API to connect to VSCode implementation of language server (shipped with VSCode or with ) . As I'm new to ls-api and not fluent enough in JS/TS to find out the connection strategy by reading the code from vscode-ls-node, I'm currently stuck at setting up the connection to this external language server.
Does the ls-api allow connections to this external language server? In any case, do you have any example or hint of how to achieve that?
Mickael Istria
Eclipse developer at JBoss, by Red Hat
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