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[ide-dev] Language Server Protocol

Hi all,

I just gave a session at EclipseCon France about our efforts and collaborations around VSCode's Language Server Protocol. The idea is to support this protocol in other editors than VSCode as well and by that making it a widely supported interface for language implementors to provide editing support. 

The protocol itself is platform/language agnostic and is defined by Erich Gamma's VSCode team:

We have started a wiki page that lists supporting editors, languages and SDKs

Mikael suggested to share this here to make sure we are all aware of this. I'm sure there are many cool ways people could leverage this effort in different Eclipse projects. 
Some reasonable things to do would be :

 - Support the protocol in Eclipse (I.e. have a generic editor plug-in)
 - Use this protocol around existing language tooling (e.g. JDT, Orion + Tern.js)

Codenvy and TypeFox are already collaborating and working on supporting the protocol in Che and Xtext. Tom (Schindl) also is going to support it in his JavaFX IDE.
Looking forward to your ideas, feedback and questions.


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