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Re: [ide-dev] Survey for IDE feature enhancements

My point is this:


Users stick to the default because it’s too hard and cumbersome changing the default.


If I’m presented with 2000 picky warnings in the Problems view, I want to have an option right in the Problems View “Change warning level from picky to standard (or relaxed)” and I’m done. If on a different project I want picky warnings I go set them picky. If I want picky warnings except a specific one, please allow me changing severity of that warning in context of the Problems View.


Again as a user, there’s those 2 big workflows, new code or old messy code. Let me quickly and easily switch between those two.





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I concur (again without much proof, just logic that users have more important things to work on) that the vast majority of users leave settings at their default.


Every time I see the phrase “Rather than investing too much into a good”, makes me cringe. Sure, there’s cost to doing good and you do need to do a proper evaluation. But I’d hate to just throw that out there when doing good seems too hard.




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On 11/27/2013 02:57 PM, Oberhuber, Martin wrote:

It’s better to make it easier fit a user’s situation (type a or type b, and allow easy turn-off of individual warnings that annoy me).

I don't get the comment. JDT has already allowed to enable/disable warnings for years. What do you think is missing to end-users when it comes to configuring warnings?

Rather than investing too much into a good single default.

Some (I tend to believe "many", but I have no proof) users stick to default, and default configuration is what provides the first experience and opinion on the package. Default behaviour and first experience is something that has to be polished when it comes to delivering a product. This ide-dev ML is all about improving the User Experience for the Eclipse IDE by improving content of package, default configuration, identifying the hot spots to improve all IDE-related projects... Investing in choosing best, or should we say to find out what IDE users think is best, defaults is IMO a very relevant action in this context.

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