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Re: [ide-dev] Survey for IDE feature enhancements



I am fine asking this question but how will it get implemented? Is there a committer ready to accept a patch that will make it into Luna?


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Line numbers are indeed a good first question.
I'd like to add one about Warnings:

Enable static analysis warnings?
JDT and other language tools provides powerful static analysis to detect bad practices and suggest fixes. Most of those rules are ignored by default. Those rules are already visisble in Eclipse IDE, under Preferences > Java > Compiler > Errors/Warnings. Which of the following behaviour would you prefer:
* Keep rules enabled as it is now (some are turned on, some are not)
* Show all available broken rules in your code as warnings (more warnings/hits reported, some rules may not be relevant to your use-case and would require you to explicitly disable them in Preferences)

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