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Re: [ide-dev] Survey for IDE feature enhancements

Fyi, the survey asking about line numbers and compiler warnings is now live. We will be promoting it on and the usual social media channels.  Feel free to help promote it. The survey will end in 2 weeks.



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Here is a proposal including feedback from Sven, Ian and myself:
* performs > can perform
* avoid "aggressive"
* Moved "It is possible to configure each of them via the Eclipse preference settings." to 2nd paragraph
* Use Ian formulation (without upper-cases)
* Added a sentence explaining the tradeoff and that it's not a lock, just an easily overridable default configuration.

Questions: Java Compiler Warnings


The Eclipse Java compiler can perform additional code analysis in order to detect potential programming problems. For some of the problems, convenient Quick Fixes are available to easily correct them. Currently, only a few of those will be reported as warnings by the compiler.


Some users have requested that the compile report all potential reports programming problems by default. This will likely result much more compile warnings being reported for your Java code edited in Eclipse.
Although some new reports will encourage developers to follow good practices, some other will be false-positive or not relevent in your context.
As a reminder, it's already and will still be possible to override the default configuration for individual reports (enable/disable rules) in Eclipse Preferences.


To serve our users best, we would like to know what the majority of the users desires. Therefore please vote based on your preference. 

The Eclipse IDE should report all potential programming problems in Java source code:
1.) Yes 
2.) No

On 11/20/2013 01:29 PM, Ian Skerrett wrote:

How about we change the wording of the paragraph to be:


Some users have requested that by default the compiler report ALL potential programming problems. This will likely result in a LOT more compile warnings being reported for your Java code edited in Eclipse.



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I would, but only because I now know what you mean by "more aggressively".

From the wording of the questions it wasn't clear that you are really asking about activating everything.


What if we do a dedicated survey only for the compiler checks, where we list the ones currently ignored (I counted 31)

and let the community state what severity they would prefer for which check?





On Nov 20, 2013, at 11:36 AM, Gunnar Wagenknecht <gunnar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


Am 20.11.2013 um 11:33 schrieb Sven Efftinge <sven@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

Many of the checks are related to style and 'personal' preference and some of them effectively deactivate language features (e.g. auto boxing).

Just switching everything to a warning doesn't make sense.


Yes, so please vote „No“ then!




Gunnar Wagenknecht


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