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[ide-dev] Survey for IDE feature enhancements

We have our first question. Lars and Dani have worked out a question for
line numbers.  If the participants on this list want to participate in a
survey I need to have 3-4 questions by Friday. We will start the survey on
Monday. The questions should be focused on what is possible for Luna and a
committer needs to agree that they will make the change based on the
results. I don't care if it is JDT or CDT. 

If you guys want to start getting results, then I hope you can at least
agree on a first step.


Question: Line Numbers
Currently the Eclipse IDE does not display the line number ruler by default
on the left side of text editors, e.g., in the Java editor, XML editor, the
C or C++ editor. It is possible to activate this via the Eclipse preference
Some users have requested that the line number ruler should be activated by
default, while others would like to keep the current setting. If enabled by
default, all text editors would show line numbers on the left side of the
To serve our users best, we would like to know what the majority of the
users desires. Therefore please vote based on your preference. 
The Eclipse IDE should show line numbers in all editors by default: 
1.) Yes 
2.) No

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I'm even going to propose CDT especially with Doug mentioning that there are
certain parts that belong to platform somewhere. 

Alexander Kurtakov
Red Hat Eclipse team

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> On 11/19/2013 09:57 AM, Ian Skerrett wrote:
> > Can I suggest you guys focus on deciding what will be the survey 
> > questions and how you will respond to the results. I can guarantee 
> > you will get enough results to any question that will satisfied any 
> > statistician. However, if nothing happens based on the community 
> > feedback then people will stop giving feedback.
> >
> > Why not start small, agree upon 3-5 questions that depending on the 
> > results will impact the JDT plan for Luna. Send me the questions,
> Sounds great, really. But couldn't we pick a different component for 
> this year? Before the Java 8 work is done, JDT probably shouldn't 
> commit to any additional changes that are larger than flipping one or 
> two defaults from "ignore" to "warning" (or from 80 to 120, mh...)
> my 2c (going back to coding),
> Stephan
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