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Re: [hudson-dev] New Hudson-on-Hudson

On 2/8/12 10:56 AM, Henrik Lynggaard Hansen wrote:
2012/2/8 Winston Prakash<winston.prakash@xxxxxxxxx>:

I've created two cascading parent top-level ->  plugin-top-level. I've
modified few plugins jobs to cascade from plugin-top-level, rest I'll do
soon. So make sure your job creator tool correctly includes the cascading.
I would actually like to hold of on that until round 2 of the jobs for
several reasons

Ok I'll hold converting other projects to use cascading.

* I would like to see the current jobs work on HonH before I start
converting the templates to use cascading as Xml structure has changed
and I have not had time to study it.

Theoretically, the XML structure should not change much, except adding one field for cascading parent.

* One of the reasons I wanted to use the job creator tool was so that
people could load the jobs into their own local hudson and I am
uncertain if we should only make that work on the latest hudson, or if
we should be 2.1 compatible

* I am not done adding the niceties (spelling?) to the jobs, so I am
not yet clear on what can be moved up to the parent projects.
and given that we now have the job configuration in git with the extra
layer of consistency from the templates, the admin overhead of not
using cascading it minimal so the urgency of adding cascading is less.

Agree for 2.1.2 or older. But I guess for 2.2.0 or later, including cascading in the job creator tool makes it easy to create the template for plugin jobs.

Basically, I have the following in the cascading parent


- Discard Old builds
- Poll SCM
- Maven Build Step
- Publish Junit (target/surefire-reports/*.xml) assumed
- Record Finger print
- Email Notification

plugin top-level

- Archive Artifact (target/*.hpi)

I haven't gone through your job creator tool, but I guess is, it would be easier to create the job using job creator tool, if your job creator tool first create top-level and plugin-top-level jobs using "top-level" templates and then rest of the plugin jobs using "plugin job" template that includes "top-level" cascading in it. Number of properties in the "plugin job" template will be lesser. In its simplest form, the template need to be parametrized only for the SCM property.

- Winston

How does that sound to you?

Best regards
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