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Re: [hudson-dev] [Hudson-Dev] Re: Questions and ideas for JSR330 plugins

2012/2/8 Jason Dillon <jason@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>>> What is the use-case?  I've not heard many folks demanding logger name details (though I've not really been paying a ton of attention either), and you can generally sort that out by just enabling a lower level until you can see the detail you want/need.
>> In our hudson setup we have had to switch to warning in order to get
>> the logging down to a reasonable amount, even INFO generated too much.
>> So hunting for the correct information in debug mode is near
>> impossible. Secondly the startup time of a hudson instance (15-20min)
>> rules out quickly switching levels.
> Wow... sounds like you're keeping around a lot of run/build data which hudson stupidly has to load when it boots up.  :-(

Number of jobs: around 600
Number of build.xml from finished builds: between 34.000 and 35.000

So a mid sized instance :-)

Best regards

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