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[hudson-dev] New Hudson-on-Hudson


As discussed during today's meeting, I have nearly all the plugins
building on my local machine and managed using the hudson jobcreator
tool. So I suggest we don't spend time on actually moving the jobs
from the old instance.

The missing bits are:
* Dimensions SCM plugin: It appears it depends on a local file
repository which I naturally dont have (This job does not exist on the
current HonH)
* LiveRebel Deploy: Running into the "Nothing to do" git error.
* Hudson 2 Core: It has a dependency on
org.jvnet.hudson.main:rest-plugin:hpi:2.2.0-SNAPSHOT. We need to fix
that so we either agree on how to deal with snapshots or point to a
released version.
* Hudson 2 REST support: appears to depend on core versions (Do we
have a nasty circular reference?)

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project hudson-rest: Could not
resolve dependencies for project
org.jvnet.hudson.main:hudson-rest:pom:2.2.0-SNAPSHOT: The following
artifacts could not be resolved:
org.jvnet.hudson.main:hudson-test-utils:jar:2.2.0-SNAPSHOT: Could not
find artifact org.jvnet.hudson.main:hudson-inject:jar:2.2.0-SNAPSHOT
in hudson.snapshots
( -> [Help 1]

* Hudson 2 REST client: Depends on REST support 2.2.0-SNAPSHOTS
* Hudson 3 REST ciient: Depends on Hudson 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT parent
* Eclipse: Packaging: Untested, don't know what to run
* Eclipse Test Harness: It has test errors and failures ?

As you can see we still have some cleanup, and we need to agree on how
to handle "plugins" depending on the latest SNAPSHOT core..

In order to load the jobs I need the following
* My account transferred to the new instance
* Ability for the Hudson CLI tool to hit the hudson instance (from
outside oracle net)
* A java 6 JDK configured
* The following plugins
** Claim Plugin
** Compact Columns
** Display Name
** Job Revision Plugin
** Shelve Project Plugin
** Sidebar Link
** Radiator View Plugin
** Hudson Extended Read Permission Plugin

Interested people can find the job template and script in the
hudson-on-hudson github repository

Best regards

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