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Re: [hudson-dev] New Hudson-on-Hudson

2012/2/8 Winston Prakash <winston.prakash@xxxxxxxxx>:
> On 2/8/12 10:56 AM, Henrik Lynggaard Hansen wrote:
>> 2012/2/8 Winston Prakash<winston.prakash@xxxxxxxxx>:
>> * I would like to see the current jobs work on HonH before I start
>> converting the templates to use cascading as Xml structure has changed
>> and I have not had time to study it.
> Theoretically, the XML structure should not change much, except adding one
> field for cascading parent.

It does change a bit more, but I haven't looked at it closely

> Agree for 2.1.2 or older. But I guess for 2.2.0 or later, including
> cascading in the job creator tool makes it easy to create the template for
> plugin jobs.

Not sure I understand that comment

In the jobcreator so far I only have 1 job template[*], all jobs are
created using that template. Each job only needs to define a few
properties like this:

<job name="hudson-plugins_blacklist" >
    <property name="displayname">Plugin: Blacklist</property>
    <property name="scm.git.path">/hudson-plugins/blacklist-plugin.git</property>

*) And a few template fragments but they are not really essential and
are going away

> I haven't gone through your job creator tool, but I guess is, it would be
> easier to create the job using job creator tool, if your job creator tool
> first create top-level and plugin-top-level jobs using "top-level" templates
> and then rest of the plugin jobs using "plugin job" template that includes
> "top-level" cascading in it.  Number of properties in the "plugin job"
> template will be lesser. In its simplest form, the template need to be
> parametrized only for the SCM property.

As you can see from above I am pretty much at that stage now, although
to be fair I am missing some functionality like picking up surefire
reports and adding sidebar links.

Checkout the commit needed to add the plot plugin:
and then I ran "./ hudson-plugin http://localhost:8080/
henrik henrik"

Best regards

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