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Re: [hono-dev] Let's get started

On 29/02/16 16:13, Paolo Patierno wrote:
Just my 2 cents ...

... related to what Gordon said : "... take the question in this thread
of whether or not clients connect directly to the infrastructure, or
only through Hono..."

Reading previous emails and Hono project description, my personal idea
about it is that Hono could be represented in the following two
exchangeable ways :

  * an "out of box" MOM like ActiveMQ, Artemis, RabbitMQ and so on to
    connect to using AMQP 1.0 protocol;
  * a MOM developed as software component. Today it's based on the
    EventDispatcher, tomorrow it could be based on Vert.x Proton server
    (to guarantee connection based on AMQP 1.0);

My view is that Hono is not itself a MOM. It is providing additional, more targeted semantics 'on top of' a MOM (or similar messaging infrastructure). I don't fully understand what these semantics are yet.

The EventDispatcher component, is not a *replacement* for some other broker, it is providing *additional* functionality.

So referring to what Gordon said ... I can't understand the difference
between connecting directly to the infrastructure or only through Hono,
if the "infrastructure" (aka a MOM) IS a possible Hono implementation
... so for me they are the same.

When I use the term Hono, I'm not thinking of it simply as an interface, but as actual concrete implementation of valuable logic that is not found in common MOM solutions. So my question is around whether that concrete functionality can be used only if clients connect directly to some Hono process rather than directly to a process that provides the underlying messaging infrastructure.

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