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Re: [hono-dev] Let's get started

Glad you're still motivated and on board ;-)
I guess for the AMQP 1.0 infrastructure the clients can connect directly. For others (Rabbit, Kafka, Reddis, …) we can create a server (based on Vertx for example) that can convert messages to the appropriate format.

From my point of view Hono adds more value than just an AMQP 1.0 interface facade. Instead, it should also be able to authenticate and authorize clients to connect and send messages to devies and/or receive data pushed upstream from Protocol Adapters. My idea is that Hono is not a _generic_ message broker but instead provides messaging capabilities targeted at the specific requirements when connecting millions of devices to cloud applications. For that, Hono also needs to be aware of device identities and ownership information about the devices in order to enforce privacy etc. I therefore think that clients will _always_ connect to Hono even if the underlying messaging infrastructure also speaks AMQP 1.0. That will only make it easier for us to implement the facade :-)


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