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Re: [] Simultaneous Release Brainstorming


+1 for cadence, schedule and name.

Can someone remind me what the purpose of the second checkpoint (C2) is?
Why is it not a milestone instead?

I'm a bit concerned about the "quiet week" becoming just "quiet 3 days".
It usually takes already 1-2 days to even fix a bug/discuss if a re-spin
should happen.
In this scenario re-spins will need to be an absolute exception - which
they should be anyways. So if the bug does not literally set the machine
on fire, user will need to wait for 13 weeks! ;)



Frederic Gurr

Release Engineer
Eclipse Foundation

On 06.03.2018 17:22, Mélanie Bats wrote:
> Hi,
> Le 01/03/2018 à 17:59, Mélanie Bats a écrit :
>> I need all of you to comment it, then when we will agree on the
>> content I will publish it on the wiki.
>> You will see that in the FAQ I consider that we are decided about:
>> * the cadence : it will be 13 weeks
>> * the schedule : it will start on June 25th 2018
>> * the name : it will be Eclipse Year.Month
>> Could you all votes for these three points by answering to this mail?
> At the moment, I had 4 +1 votes from Aleksandar, Nick, Dani and Martin.
> As it is an important decision I would like to see more votes. I expect
> a vote from mostly all of the members of the planning council. Please
> answer to this thread: do you agree with the proposed cadence, schedule,
> name and the FAQ?
> Thanks all for your participation!

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