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Re: [] Simultaneous Release Brainstorming

Hi Nick,

Le 08/02/2018 à 21:13, Nick Boldt a écrit :
I would assume we'd still keep the Friday +0, Monday +1, +2, +3, Thursday EPP cycle, but that didn't specifically come up on the call.

Would everyone agree?


If I see a few more +1s on my 3/6/9/12/13 plan, I can draft some actual dates to see where in the calendar those might land, and determine if it aligns nicely with the PTO/AFK times where we don't want to schedule important releases, like end Dec/early Jan, March Break, or first week July.

Yes I would appreciate that! Could you propose a schedule based on your 13 weeks plan starting after the Photon release in june?

Depending on how things line up, we might have to go back to Ed/Melanie's idea of doing a 12-week cycle with 1-2 week buffers in between to shunt things away from holiday outages. I prefer the mathematically cleaner approach to 4 x 13 = 52, but I'm a realist when it comes to cat-herding humans. :)

I could prepare also a schedule based on the 12 weeks plan with buffer and we can compare.

Thanks Nick,
Mélanie Bats
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25 Boulevard Victor Hugo - Colomiers - France

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