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Re: [] RE: EclipseCon memory stick andGanymede M5


The rules might be different at WindRiver, but I've been told "you are IBM, and IBM cannot redistribute GPL code" -- so these sticks are basically useless to me.

As I too need a fully-functional environment (but can't hand out anything to students/attendees), I'm instead planning to bring a second laptop which will function as my build server (, cvs server ( and database server (, preconfigured for use in my tutorial. Still trying to sort out how to bring a standalone "public production server" to synthesize -- might just be a vmware image running on the second laptop. (BTW, if you're looking for a dead-simple linux to install, I recommend AntiX. Small (300M) live/install CD, runs on older/slower hardware, includes debian 4 / ubuntu 7.10 repositories.

Anyway, check with your legal department. Handing out anything at a con counts as "redistribution", be it a JVM, VMWare image, linux distro .iso, or anything else.


On Thu, Feb 14, 2008 at 2:00 AM, Martin Oberhuber <martin.oberhuber@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Bjorn, Janet and all -

Sorry for picking up this mail thread again, but I have another question
in this context:

Being a Tutorial Presenter, I recently got an E-Mail saying

"To help with that problem this year, we are
sending the speakers for each tutorial four
or five 1Gb USB memory sticks."

For DSDP, in order to get a fully functional
environment to code and test a host/target
environment, the users need things like QEMU,
cross compilers, a Linux image, VMWare or
the like.

Such tools are available for free - and everybody
uses them - but they are not under the EPL, so
they cannot be distributed from
servers or Sticks, just like the JVM's. CDT
has had the same issue and come up with
Wascana; for DSDP, we're going to discuss this
in a BoF at EclipseCon [1].

So what about the "Tutorial Sticks"? Can we
put such stuff on these? My naive guessing
would be yes, because these sticks belong
to the presenter so it's a thing between
presenter and attendees not involving the

Or am I wrong?


Bjorn Freeman-Benson schrieb:
> Thomas,
> Unfortunately, that license has the same problems as the Sun license, specifically that it requires the Eclipse Foundation "to defend and indemnify BEA..." - that's a risk that the Foundation is currently not willing to assume.
> Thomas Hallgren wrote:
> I used to work with the JRockit team at BEA so I asked them. Is their license is OK?
> - thomas
Martin Oberhuber
Wind River Systems, Inc.
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member


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