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Re: [] Feedback on LTS slide presentation ...


Answers in-lined below.

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> I'm still not quite clear who's allowed to download and use the LTS binary bits.

Member companies who have joined the LTS program.

> But then every project committer is allowed to commit into the LTS forge ?
> So every committer must be granted download rights or they can't test it?

We need to clarify that. Obviously, testing will be required.

> Do you think about a license that limits the right to redistribute LTS binary bits
> only for participating members ?

There will be a requirement that all member companies participating in the program will be required to commercially re-license the binaries under their EULA before re-distribution.

> And, what if a member stops participating after a while ... would that void the
> member's license to redistribute bits he has participated in in creating in an
> earlier year ?

No, they will be able to continue distributing under their EULA those bits that they had downloaded prior to leaving the program.

> Otherwise explain what governs access to VLTS versus LTS (an extra fee?)

Access to LTS and VLTS will be under the LTS and Polarsys programs and will most certainly require an extra fee.

Hope that helps!

Mike Milinkovich
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