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Re: [] Feedback on LTS slide presentation ...

Thank you for the feedback David, that's a good idea and makes a lot of sense. It is one release with the LTS phase starting after SR2. I'll illustrate it that way. Similar for VLTS, it makes sense to show the VLTS time period after the LTS phase ends.

And thanks Kim for the correction for 4.2 builds.

Much appreciated.


On 01/12/2012 12:32 PM, David M Williams wrote:
Thought I'd give a little feedback, or question?, about part of the
presentation; this has to do with slide 9 that was presented during
meeting, LTS Cadence.

I am not sure if it is simply a suggestion about visuals or, if I am
confused on the concept [and, apologies in advance if this was discussed,
and I missed it].

The slide shows green bars for "regular" and blue bars for "LTS" in
alternating years. I would think it would be clearer if there was a green
bar every year, for the regular release, and then every other year extend
the bar with blue representing the LTS phase. That is, I am assuming ...
and this is where I might have missed a conceptual point ... the LTS would
start after SR2 of a regular release. If that is not the case, and LTS
starts immediately after a release and may or may not match up with SR1 and
SR2, then I'd draw two bars, one green, one blue, showing that for a period
of time there would essentially be two versions, one regular, one LTS. I'm
not sure what is intended in this regard, but in either case think the
visual could be improved ... and again, apologies if it was clarified in
the meeting and I just missed it.

Thanks for the presentation, Andrew.

From:	"Oberhuber, Martin"<Martin.Oberhuber@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To:	""
             <>, "Andrew Ross
Date:	01/12/2012 12:12 PM
Subject:	[] 12-Jan AC Meeting Notes
Sent by:

Hi all,

Notes of the meeting we just had are now posted:

Many thanks to Andrew Ross for filling us in on the current state of the
Eclipse Long-Term Support initiative, and McQ for the short but very
valuable update on 4.x.
I hope I captured the essence of what was discussed – if not it’s a Wiki so
feel free to edit (I’m watching edits).

Andrew, could you propose a slot for when you could host the LTS follow-up
Q&A session that we agreed on ?


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