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RE: [] PMC Approval Lag?

The Tools versus Technology split still makes sense IMHO. Technology fills the need to have a default place to hold incubators while they mature. Tools fills the need to have a default place for mature projects that don’t really fit elsewhere.


However, I do agree that there are two issues that need to be addressed:


a)      The PMC does need to be more active and responsive. It should also likely be fully representative of the projects it includes.

b)      There are a number of projects which appear to be staying in Technology longer than they should. Once a project is mature, it should typically be looking for a new home. (Yes, there are always exceptions, but that should be the general rule.) So I think the Technology PMC should be encouraging mature projects to evaluate whether they should move. And for many of those, I would expect that Tools is the natural destination.


No, I don’t think that the AC have the authority to refactor the projects. That requires the PMCs.



I'm ok with refactoring projects - but does the AC have the ability to make such calls ?


I personally never really understood the rationale of the Tools and Technology projects: they seem to be the old shell of the ecosystem, back in 2003.

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