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Re: [] PMC Approval Lag?

> The Tools versus Technology split still makes sense IMHO. Technology fills
> the need to have a default place to hold incubators while they mature.

This is our 'Eclipse Incubator' :)

> a)      The PMC does need to be more active and responsive. It should also
> likely be fully representative of the projects it includes.


> b)      There are a number of projects which appear to be staying in
> Technology longer than they should. Once a project is mature, it should
> typically be looking for a new home. (Yes, there are always exceptions, but
> that should be the general rule.) So I think the Technology PMC should be
> encouraging mature projects to evaluate whether they should move.


> No, I don’t think that the AC have the authority to refactor the projects.
> That requires the PMCs.

As the AC, we can merely suggest... :)

So - two items for the next AC meeting, perhaps:
  1)  That the Tools PMC look to expansion and staffing from more of its
       contained projects;
  2)  That the Technology PMC take steps to help mature Technology
       contained projects to move out from under the Technology umbrella.



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