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Re: [] PMC Approval Lag?

> Yup, the idea is that the project rep pushes their cause but there is still a bit broader understanding. It is absolutely not
> about control but about communication and coordination.

This makes a pile of sense for RT, where there could be (is?) a strong
expectation that all of the projects will jibe together in some respect,
because they are all focussed on an Eclipse 'runtime'. I'd suggest that
in the current project layout, this isn't that important - so CDT and GEF
for example don't share a lot of common technical goals.

However, if we were to refactor the container projects, lining up contained
projects with similar technical goals, then we could construct smaller
and more homogeneous container projects where it would be useful and
advantageous to all to have an RT-like arrangement at the PMC (i.e.
set up for communication and coordination).


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