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Re: [] PMC Approval Lag?

> It seems unreasonable for Doug  or
> David to have to judge what is best for Mylyn or Buckminster, or for them to
> be the gating factor in committer elections on those projects.


The projects must have self-determination which means being
able to elect and approve committers without having to impinge
on individuals who are not involved in the project. If this requires
(for the purposes of automated elections) that an individual be
on the container project PMC, I think that is acceptable *even
if just for this purpose*. Although self-determination does mean
responsibility, and there should be a reporting requirement from
each project (i.e. we are still not dead ping) to a PMC for the
overall container project, imho.

Doing a refactor on these two large bags of heterogenous
projects I think could have some life-injecting value too (by
reducing the size of the one-PMC-person-per-container
project and just mixing things up a bit).


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