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Re: [] My Past Due Tasks

Eventually is a long time. We're still waiting for standardized group
names for projects (backported to old projects like those in
Modeling), download stat tracking for jars pulled by p2 (Google
Analytics just doesn't cut it), and a common build infrastructure...
Oh, wait. We're pretty close on that last one. ;)


On 12/02/2010, David Carver <d_a_carver@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Correct.
> So with CVS eventually going away, this bug request may be moot if Git
> and SVN are the only options.
> Dave
> On 02/12/2010 10:48 AM, Andrew Overholt wrote:
>> * David Carver<d_a_carver@xxxxxxxxx>  [2010-02-12 13:48]:
>>> It depends on if people want to get a Human Readable name.   SVN
>>> Revisions work, as well as GIT revisions.
>> One can always manually assign a human readable name to an SVN revision
>> or git hash after the fact.
>> Andrew
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