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Re: [eclipse-dev] Please help me stop the context menu abuse

>> I feel it is weak that the PMC does dare to do such a small change that
>> will
>> make a big improvement.
> Max, calling people names ("weak") and being aggressive doesn't work well in
> open-source and many other aspects of life.

I'm sorry but I do not feel i'm calling anyone names. I honestly feel it is weak
or maybe just rather inconsistent that the PMC is not accepting this change when 
other actual code API breaking changes is accepted. 

If they had a concrete example of someone saying "no, we cannot accept this change and
here is the reason why" then it would be a different matter.

> The Eclipse team has a long history of shipping on time. This is because
> they converge on things in the RC* candidates and the PMC makes the call
> based on their judgment and experience to ensure that we actually ship on
> time.

Yes, but this time we are in a situation where something AFAIK where on the roadmap
(section 3.4, 3.5 and to a certain extent 4.1 in 
were not executed upon (at least not in this old area) and I was apparently the first one to actually react
to it by filling a bug report on it and afterwards getting postive comments on the suggested improvement. A
nd I have not seen anything in this bug that would prevent shipping on time - if WTP etc. does not 
feel they can change their menu group id then they just don't and I can live with that. 

It is about stepping up and stating a place where adopters *should* put these configure menu extensions
to prevent further abuse of the conext menu.

> Yes it sucks that this is the case as I would love to change things in all
> milestones, but in the interest of moving things forward, how about we make
> this a priority in 3.5?

Sure, but that is 1 year from now. Eclipse 3.4 is now and a year going forward.

> To help with this issue even further, I have created a bug in PDE to modify
> how the builder/nature template generates code so we don't further
> perpetuate this bad practice.

Yes cool, but what will you change the template to when there is no good place of putting it ?


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