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Re: [eclipse-dev] Please help me stop the context menu abuse

I feel it is weak that the PMC does dare to do such a small change that will
make a big improvement.

Max, calling people names ("weak") and being aggressive doesn't work well in open-source and many other aspects of life.

The Eclipse team has a long history of shipping on time. This is because they converge on things in the RC* candidates and the PMC makes the call based on their judgment and experience to ensure that we actually ship on time.

Yes it sucks that this is the case as I would love to change things in all milestones, but in the interest of moving things forward, how about we make this a priority in 3.5?

To help with this issue even further, I have created a bug in PDE to modify how the builder/nature template generates code so we don't further perpetuate this bad practice.


~ Chris Aniszczyk

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