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Re: [eclipse-dev] Please help me stop the context menu abuse

>> What product teams is it that wont be able to respond to the change ?
>> Let me know and I'll give them resources to create the 2-3
>> lines diff that is needed within the week.
> I don't think my comments on platform-releng-dev had anything to do with
> this (since I was too late) but you might not have seen them.  In brief,
> I mentioned that changing existing UI is like changing API:

Dali was allowed to break api last week to fix a bug.
Others the same. All for the better good of Eclipse.

> it breaks
> tech support scripts, GUI-based automated test scripts, technical
> articles, and the like; and it makes life harder for people used to the
> existing UI.  Even if the new way is better, it is not always right to
> refactor; sometimes yes, sometimes no.

I have not yet heard *anyone* mention a concrete adopter or user saying that
this change would be considered bad ? 

> So I think that perhaps the resource problem is not the code change; it
> is that each team needs to consider whether to adopt the change, and
> determine who will be affected.  That is time-consuming and fraught, and
> much easier when there are milestones remaining.

If they don't want to adopt they use the same "API" as before, please tell
me what is bad about this ?

This is about giving those who actually care about making the UI simpler
a *standard* way of doing it. Those who don't care can continue doing their
context menu abuse.

> I also suspect that the Platform team feels less pain around this than
> the downstream components, because we're using a relatively
> stripped-down version of Eclipse.  That's no excuse; indeed it's a
> problem, one that's bit us repeatedly; but it does help explain why
> sane, intelligent people can see things differently from each other.

Sure - I realized too late that the resulting context menu of Eclipse 3.4 outofthebox
will be horrific and since Eclipse 3.4 adoption does not look like slowing down
the next year this issue will just become worse.

I feel it is weak that the PMC does dare to do such a small change that will
make a big improvement.


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