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Re: [eclipse-dev] Please help me stop the context menu abuse

As a suporter of the proposal I am disappointed that its not going in but I understand the reluctance and respect the decision.  Risk is always difficult to evaluate and the job of the PMC in the end game is to temper the enthusiasm of those close to the action.  I personally don't envy that job and I know much wringing of hands goes into every one of those decisions, including this one. Its a value call, theirs to make, and I support them in that.

The decision has been made, and I would respectively like to suggest that we now need to collectively take a big breath, consider the ship sailed for 3.4, and ensure we carry forward this positive energy for change into 3.5.

Some good questions have been raised about how decisions are made, what the risks dynamics are, how we manage them, and how we innovate in the face of risk.  I'm not trying to shut down those discussions.


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