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RE: [eclipse-dev] Please help me stop the context menu abuse

> I am severly disappointed how this change have just been 
> turned down by the PMC.
> What mailing list should one be on to hear the arguments against it ?

Hi, Max.  Some recent discussion took place on platform-releng-dev,
where the change was just announced.

> just says:
> "The PMC feels that it's too late for product teams that want 
> to ship simultaneously with 3.4 to respond to the change."
> What product teams is it that wont be able to respond to the change ?
> Let me know and I'll give them resources to create the 2-3 
> lines diff that is needed within the week.

I don't think my comments on platform-releng-dev had anything to do with
this (since I was too late) but you might not have seen them.  In brief,
I mentioned that changing existing UI is like changing API: it breaks
tech support scripts, GUI-based automated test scripts, technical
articles, and the like; and it makes life harder for people used to the
existing UI.  Even if the new way is better, it is not always right to
refactor; sometimes yes, sometimes no.

So I think that perhaps the resource problem is not the code change; it
is that each team needs to consider whether to adopt the change, and
determine who will be affected.  That is time-consuming and fraught, and
much easier when there are milestones remaining.

I also suspect that the Platform team feels less pain around this than
the downstream components, because we're using a relatively
stripped-down version of Eclipse.  That's no excuse; indeed it's a
problem, one that's bit us repeatedly; but it does help explain why
sane, intelligent people can see things differently from each other.


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