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Re: [ecf-dev] release of non-EF features

On 09/06/2013 07:33 PM, Scott Lewis wrote:
> [Scott]  I'm unclear about this then...although orthogonal to the OSGI
> CT commitment...because of the commitment to webmasters we still can't
> provide read/download access (only) to the built repos...e.g. [1]
> [2]...or can we?  What I would prefer to do is to honor both
> commitments, and provide read/download access to only some of the
> features/jenkins projects.  Is that possible?
> Wouldn't another option be to provide some access to repos that are
> created via the build machine...but through some other web server (not
> through the jenkins UI)?

The p2 repos are all publicly available at served by Apache. Is this what you
are asking for?


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