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[ecf-dev] release of non-EF features

Hi Folks,

Via the ECF discussion forum, we recently had a request for someone to use/consume the JMS ActiveMQ provider [1]. Currently, we password protect our build server...because of the need to prevent access to the OSGi TCK contents. We have an agreement with EF and OSGi consortium that we will only allow those that have signed an agreement to access the TCK. Without this agreement we wouldn't be able to get/use/test against the OSGI TCK.

In any event, I would like to pose the following question: for those that want to consume binaries/repos of the features hosted at github [2]...i.e. the ActiveMQ provider, but also the JavaGroups provider, the Restlet provider...and lots of should we release built versions of these features? We cannot distribute these as part of EF-hosted releases (like our 3.6.1 release, or our upcoming 3.7.0 release)...but it would be convenient for consumers to be able to get release versions of these features (like the person/people on [1]) there is lots of value in these ECF components (and this is growing all the time...e.g. Zookeeper server, etc).

Although it's possible that some of these could move into EF-hosted components...I don't think this works for everything...i.e. there will always be some things that won't be distributable by EF...because of licensing, etc.

Ideas about how to provide access to built versions of these github features?




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