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Re: [ecf-dev] release of non-EF features

On 09/06/2013 06:56 PM, Scott Lewis wrote:
> Via the ECF discussion forum, we recently had a request for someone to
> use/consume the JMS ActiveMQ provider [1].  Currently, we password
> protect our build server...because of the need to prevent access to the
> OSGi TCK contents.  We have an agreement with EF and OSGi consortium
> that we will only allow those that have signed an agreement to access
> the TCK.   Without this agreement we wouldn't be able to get/use/test
> against the OSGI TCK.

Hi Scott,

actually the reason for the build machine being password protected now
stems from a request by webmasters to secure the build machine with its
access to EF infrastructure. This is orthogonal to the OSGi CT/TCK that
is only available to ECF committers that have signed an NDA.

> In any event, I would like to pose the following question:  for those
> that want to consume binaries/repos of the features hosted at github
> [2]...i.e. the ActiveMQ provider, but also the JavaGroups provider, the
> Restlet provider...and lots of should we release built
> versions of these features?  We cannot distribute these as part of
> EF-hosted releases (like our 3.6.1 release, or our upcoming 3.7.0
> release)...but it would be convenient for consumers to be able to get
> release versions of these features (like the person/people on [1])
> there is lots of value in these ECF components (and this is growing all
> the time...e.g. Zookeeper server, etc).
> Although it's possible that some of these could move into EF-hosted
> components...I don't think this works for everything...i.e. there will
> always be some things that won't be distributable by EF...because of
> licensing, etc.
> Ideas about how to provide access to built versions of these github
> features?

For one of the projects (actually JMS/ActiveMQ) we already have a
corresponding Jenkins job [1] to produce a p2 repo [2]. We would just
have to create and setup jobs for the other projects too.



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