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Re: [ecf-dev] release of non-EF features

Hi Markus,

<stuff deleted>

actually the reason for the build machine being password protected now stems from a request by webmasters to secure the build machine with its access to EF infrastructure. This is orthogonal to the OSGi CT/TCK that is only available to ECF committers that have signed an NDA.

[Scott] I'm unclear about this then...although orthogonal to the OSGI CT commitment...because of the commitment to webmasters we still can't provide read/download access (only) to the built repos...e.g. [1] [2]...or can we? What I would prefer to do is to honor both commitments, and provide read/download access to only some of the features/jenkins projects. Is that possible?

Wouldn't another option be to provide some access to repos that are created via the build machine...but through some other web server (not through the jenkins UI)?



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