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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF Release Train Participation


On 12/16/2010 12:08 AM, Campo, Christian wrote:

just for curiosity. If ECF exits the Release Train, that also means that no other project that is in the release train can be dependant on ECF right ?

No, that wouldn't be my expectation.

What does this mean to p2 which AFAIK uses ECF for communication ?

p2 and Eclipse currently use an old version of ECF filetransfer...and since there haven't been any substantive changes to ECF filetransfer since Helios this is essentially the same as using the current version.

Whether ECF is on the release train or not doesn't really determine what version of ECF p2 consumes...that is, it could continue to consume the current version indefinitely...or it could move to a more recent released ECF version...whether or not ECF is on the release train.

In general, any consumers of ECF (on release train or not) can choose whatever version of ECF they wish to use...I don't think ECF being on the release train or not has any particular bearing on that.

Maybe there are other projects that also use ECF (not sure), what does it mean for them ?

I don't know what it means for them...perhaps they could speak up about what it means for them (if anything) that's why I brought up the point for community discussion.


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