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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF Release Train Participation

On 12/15/2010 11:47 AM, Markus Alexander Kuppe wrote:
<stuff deleted>

Additionally, I am not really sure it's worth the efforts anyway. What's
the benefit for the ECF community if we are part of Indigo?

My answer to this is the following (note this is clearly just my opinion...other opinions/views on the value here are most welcome).

Once upon a time, the main benefit of the simultaneous release to the ECF community was 'exposure/marketing'. Back when the simultaneous release was new, it was a big deal...and got lots of attention from the consuming community (both end-user developers and businesses).

In my opinion, however, the value of the simultaneous release to communities like ECF's has gone down...and the costs of participation have gone up over the past few years (i.e. my previous note). The simultaneous release itself is no longer very 'new' to lots of folks (users/consumers of Eclipse RT technology and/or Eclipse)...and so doesn't really result in much improved exposure/distribution for participating projects (like ECF).

Also, IMHO EF marketing for the simultaneous release no longer does ECF much good at all...because the EF marketing pretty much ignores whatever ECF does. IMHO they are almost exclusively focused on supporting the commercial membership's marketing needs (as distinct from the project marketing needs)...and since ECF isn't run by any single company (i.e. it actually has a diverse project membership) we don't get any real marketing value from the EF.

Still there are *some* remaining exposure/marketing benefits from the simultaneous release, IMHO. These are my $0.03.


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