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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF Release Train Participation

On 12/15/2010 08:00 PM, Scott Lewis wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> I wanted to renew/begin a discussion of ECF's participation on the
> yearly Release Train (this year called Indigo [1]).
> For the past 4 (or is it 5? :) years, ECF has been part of the annual
> release train, and currently we have already declared our intention to
> participate in the Indigo release train.
> But I currently have a severe resources problem that I should explain.
> First, in case people weren't aware, the release train has a large
> number of requirements...for example  see the must do and should do
> requirements linked to here [1].
> In addition to these requirements, there is plenty of IP process work
> (e.g. CQs, etc), creation/prep of project plans, review, N&N materials,
> lots and lots of releng tasks, coordination with the good folks doing
> the simultaneous release builder, coordination with the platform
> consumers of ECF (p2/Equinox team), other EF-imposed-process tasks, and
> quite a few other things.  The participation requirements have increased
> every year of ECF's participation...and Indigo is not an exception to
> this (i.e. there are more must-dos and should-dos for Indigo).
> In past years, I and a few other committers have performed these tasks,
> and given resources I would personally be willing to do them
> that ECF could be part of the release train.  But I'm not at all certain
> if I will have the resources (i.e. time) required to do them during the
> winter and spring 2011 months, when completion of these tasks is
> required (i.e. in preparation for the June 2011 release).
> As project lead, I don't know if I can commit to doing the level of work
> necessary this year for successful participation in Indigo (given what
> it's required of me in the past, my uncertainty about my own time
> availability, and the fact that release train participation requirements
> go continuously up).   The purpose of this note is to raise this issue
> with the ECF community and to publicly pose and discuss alternatives.
> Thanks,
> Scott
> [1]

Same here, I won't have the resources available to handle the releng
work necessary to be part of the train. Thus somebody else would have to
step up here.

Additionally, I am not really sure it's worth the efforts anyway. What's
the benefit for the ECF community if we are part of Indigo?


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