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[ecf-dev] ECF Release Train Participation

Hi Folks,

I wanted to renew/begin a discussion of ECF's participation on the yearly Release Train (this year called Indigo [1]).

For the past 4 (or is it 5? :) years, ECF has been part of the annual release train, and currently we have already declared our intention to participate in the Indigo release train.

But I currently have a severe resources problem that I should explain.

First, in case people weren't aware, the release train has a large number of requirements...for example see the must do and should do requirements linked to here [1].

In addition to these requirements, there is plenty of IP process work (e.g. CQs, etc), creation/prep of project plans, review, N&N materials, lots and lots of releng tasks, coordination with the good folks doing the simultaneous release builder, coordination with the platform consumers of ECF (p2/Equinox team), other EF-imposed-process tasks, and quite a few other things. The participation requirements have increased every year of ECF's participation...and Indigo is not an exception to this (i.e. there are more must-dos and should-dos for Indigo).

In past years, I and a few other committers have performed these tasks, and given resources I would personally be willing to do them that ECF could be part of the release train. But I'm not at all certain if I will have the resources (i.e. time) required to do them during the winter and spring 2011 months, when completion of these tasks is required (i.e. in preparation for the June 2011 release).

As project lead, I don't know if I can commit to doing the level of work necessary this year for successful participation in Indigo (given what it's required of me in the past, my uncertainty about my own time availability, and the fact that release train participation requirements go continuously up). The purpose of this note is to raise this issue with the ECF community and to publicly pose and discuss alternatives.




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